About Blue Springs

Located in Orange City, Florida, Blue Spring pumps 104 million gallons of water a day into the St. John’s River.  The water stays a consistent 73 degrees Fahrenheit, making the spring run the perfect haven for manatees when the river cools down in the winter.  But there’s more to the park than just manatees.

At least 15 threatened or endangered plants and animals call the park their home.  A visitor to the park might see Florida scrub-jays, gopher tortoises, black bears, and, of course, alligators.  Photos we have captured here in the park may be viewed here.

The spring’s crystal clear water can be enjoyed by swimmers, snorkelers, and certified scuba divers with a partner during the parks designated swimming season. (Late March – Sept annually). You can enjoy fishing, canoeing, and boating along this stretch of the  St. John’s River.

The park has plenty of picnic areas as well as three covered pavilions. Air-conditioned cabins and a full-facility campground are available for visitors interested in staying overnight. Those interested in a historical treat can give themselves a self-guided tour inside the historic Thursby house, built at the height of the steamboat era in 1872.

image of the Historic Thursby House
The Thursby house, built at the height of the steamboat era in 1872
image of a paddle wheel gear
Before it was a park, Blue Spring was a stop for many of the steamboats that cruised up and down the St. John’s River

image of Boardwalk
The tree-lined boardwalk makes for a relaxing stroll any day of the year